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Heritage Line’s overhauled Lower Mekong cruise program

Cruise program introducing new ports and optional cycling and culinary excursions.

The Lower Mekong spanning Vietnam and Cambodia is a treasure trove to discover, encompassing four distinct regions – the vibrant Mekong Delta, the rich culture and heritage of Phnom Penh, the biodiversity of the Tonle River region, and the serene banks of the Cambodian Mekong. Exploring its diverse cultures, sights and unique flavours is a bucket list adventure for curious travellers ready to take a front row seat to the rhythms of local life.

Culinary excursions on the lower Mekong
Culinary excursions on the lower Mekong

Southeast Asian river cruise company Heritage Line has refreshed its itineraries on the spellbinding Lower Mekong River in Vietnam and Cambodia, adding unique mooring destinations not visited by any other cruise line, as well as new shore excursions in existing ports, culinary tours and small-group cycling expeditions for an even more immersive and personalised experience.

  • Tan Phong Island (Mekong Delta): A small island nestled at the heart of one of the expansive Mekong River tributaries near Cai Be, in Tan Phong Island guests can taste unspoiled local life on the river by sampling unusual fruit from the gardens of local families, watching artisans weave water hyacinth plants in a family-run workshop, and taking a buggy ride to watch daily island activities unfold.
  • Kampong Laeang (Tonle River): Known for its spectacular rice fields, lotus pond views, handmade pottery and pre-Angkorian temples, guests visiting Kampong Laeang will enjoy an opportunity to experience rural Cambodian village life.
  • Prek Bangkong (Mekong River): In Prek Bangkong, renowned for its Cambodian silk weaving community which has been operating for generations, visitors can witness local artisans in action, then enjoy a traditional tea break at the heritage house of famous Royal Palace architect and engineer, H.W. Sam-El.

Culinary excursions for gourmet travellers

Guests sailing on the newly refurbished Heritage Line JAYAVARMAN can now choose from a collection of complimentary culinary-themed excursions in selected destinations to explore famous local dishes and prepare traditional delicacies together with local people on the ground.

The Jahan Mekong Cruiser, Heritage-Line
The Jahan Mekong Cruiser, Heritage-Line

For more details contact your Heritage-Line Representative.

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